New Capture One 12 built-in styles tested

First test image

Default Capture One 12 output (above) of sample image by Ashish Maurya
Still Life style (above)
IQ Professor style (above)
Landscape style (above)
Fashion style (above)
B&W Neutral style (above)
B&W Contrast style (above)

So we can see that two of the styles increase dynamic range (IQ Professor weakly and Landscape strongly) and two increase contrast (Still Life weakly and Fashion strongly). Still Life and Fashion also seem to include some colour shifts that I’m curious to explore further. The black and white styles do what’s written on the tin – one is neutral and the other increases contrast. In the next update to this article, I’ll look at what they do to an image that has less contrast in the scene to start with, and fewer dark areas.

This is part of my current series looking at Capture One on the occasion of its 12th major release, see the other parts:

Capture One 12 released

Colour changes in Capture One 12?

Capture One cuts 70% of legacy styles, throws in sample pack instead



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