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Long-awaited Pentax lens a Tokina clone?

28 Feb

There is currently an ongoing discussion among Pentaxians as to whether these upcoming 50mm f/1.4 prime lenses are really one and the same on the inside – the Tokina:


And the Pentax:

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.53.31

The Tokina will ship in summer 2018, while the Pentax, originally announced for September 2017, was pushed back to September 2018, so their release dates will also be close.

For context and comparison, here are the recent Sigma and Zeiss lenses with the same specs:



What do you think? Let the rest of us know in the comments!


Yongnuo 85/1.8 with better bokeh, less CA and noisier AF than Canon

12 Feb

For full details, see the video by Christopher Frost, below:


The breakfastographer’s opinion based on the samples shown is that the bokeh is nicer and the CA much lower in the Yongnuo. Corner sharpness is worse, though, and the autofocus has various issues described in the video. No statement was made about focus throw, but it seems to be okay, so manually focusing is an option. At a price of half the Canon, it’s cheaper than a Samyang/Rokinon/Bower/etc., which would also provide only manual focus.

In spite of the corner softness, it’s sold as a full frame lens, and its value proposition as a portrait lens is hard to beat on that format. If you do want to go cheaper, there are 50/1.8 options for APS-C cameras for just over a 100 eurodollars, but bokeh will be better with the 85/full frame combination – or really 85 on any format!

Four lenses you will end up owning

3 Feb

If you’re looking at what to buy to complete you photography kit, here’s a shortcut. In addition to the kit zoom they started with because it came with the camera, most people will end up owning:

  • A tele zoom
  • A macro
  • A wide angle or fish-eye
  • A large aperture prime

I’m thinking I might do a series, covering each of these in a separate post. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see.

Pentax DA 55-300mm sharper than premium lens, according to DxOMark

24 May

I was looking at some DxOMark figures, when I noticed this oddity: At 300mm, the Pentax DA 55-300mm (non-WR version was tested) is sharper than the top-line DA* 300mm. See the figure to become a believer:

Sharpness of Pentax DA 55-300mm vs. DA* 300mm

Sharpness of Pentax DA 55-300mm vs. DA* 300mm

So why would you buy a 1350 USD lens when you can have more fun for 390 USD? Well, the DA* lens has almost no distortion and is also relatively free of chromatic aberrations (CA) – see the next graph:

Aberration of Pentax DA 55-300mm vs DA* 300mm

Aberration of Pentax DA 55-300mm vs DA* 300mm

So if you’re looking for a lens to pair with the lovely new 1.4x Pentax teleconverter (yes, the specs are every Pentax photographer’s wishlist come true), as long as you have a scene that’s free of CA, you might want to give the 55-300 a go!