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Pentax full-frame: eye-opening ergonomics

23 Oct

Apparently, the cat’s out the bag today at Photo Plus. The Pentax full-frame will be released with an amazing new user interface design that takes it back to the strengths of the K-5. Central to this is a dial on which you pick what you want to set, e.g. ISO or HDR characteristics, and a second dial on which to make the actual setting. This allows you to have full manual control over one extra setting in addition to aperture (rear wheel, as K-5/K-3) and shutter speed (front wheel, as K-5/K-3), so that you don’t have to take your eye off the viewfinder.

They showed an actual production copy behind glass – the way we know it’s a production copy is that they had to tape over the name. So the name is still a secret.

The camera has two card slots.

There’s a growing rumour that the display, which is tiltable (in three dimensions), will also be detachable.

Rumours about it having either a 36 megapixel or 42 megapixel sensor also continue to circulate – both apparently from reliable sources!

Rumoured initial price is 2400 USD, with an expected street price of 1900 USD.

Will continue to update as I learn more.