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Nikon is launching a full frame mirrorless

14 Jul

Nikon confirmed they are working on a mirrorless camera. While sometimes news have been blown out of proportion in the photo industry in the past, it seems likely in this case that they really mean they’re working on a new camera system. Nikon is not a company to throw up clickbait.

So how do I know the camera they’re working on is full frame? They said the camera would be Nikon-rashii, or Nikonish. Nikon has never made a medium format camera, so we can safely exclude that. Nikon is now best remembered for the F series, which dominated journalism for a decade or two.

But this is not about reliving the past. This is about competing in the current market. How many mirrorless systems are competing for the APS-C space? Mainly three – Fujifilm, Sony, and old rival Canon. How many are competing for full frame? Really only one – Sony. Nikon knows that there are things it can do better than Sony, ways to compete with Sony. When push comes to shove, maybe Sony won’t give them the sensors they want – maybe they’ll have to turn to Toshiba or Renesas. But for a company with Nikon’s heritage and customer relations, it would be way better to start in the full frame category and gain a following among professional photographers before Sony can fully convince them, than to try to mud-sling it out with Canon in the well-scoured APS-C swamp.


Sensor performance: Canon ever further behind

9 Mar

As an update to my recent post about Micro Four Thirds catching up to Canon, here’s how Sony is making them look bad with an even smaller sensor in the RX10:

Even the Sony RX10 beats the 70D across the board except for low-light performance.

Even the Sony RX10 beats the Canon 70D across the board – except for low-light performance.

Given the crop factor of the 70D (1.6) vs. the RX10 (3), the low-light performance of the 70D should be closer to 3.5 times as good (it’s a square law).

Canon have clearly placed a large bet on the success of their dual pixel autofocus technology. They’re currently still feeding on the past reputation of the brand, but how long will that meal last?

Nikon D610: D600 minus oil spots – landslide in sales?

20 Sep

The Nikon D610 is to be a very simple replacement of the D600, as reported by Nikon Rumors. It will have an improved shutter, reducing oil splatter onto the sensor. I predict that this will make a landslide difference to sales, especially if the price point doesn’t get hiked up unreasonably relative to the current D600.