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The Leica S3 is a 64 megapixel medium format DSLR that records 4k video without crop

25 Sep

Not much else is known at this point. Here’s an official photo, though:


It’s slated for a release in Spring 2019.

Leica’s medium format system is one of those which, like Hasselblad’s and Phase One’s systems, support leaf shutters.


Fujifilm announces 51 and 102 megapixel medium format cameras (UPDATED!)

25 Sep

The 51 megapixel GFX 50R will be available in November for 4500 US Dollars. Here is its teaser:

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What’s the deal with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II?

7 Feb


Olympus this week took the covers off the E-M5 Mark II, which features a new mode where, over the course of one second, eight 16 megapixel images are taken and composited together into a 40 megapixel image. Between exposures, the sensor is moved a small amount, which allows more pixels to be simulated than are actually present on the sensor. This technology has been previously used on Hasselblad digital medium format cameras.

The new mode will mostly be useful to landscape, architecture, still life and product photographers due to its long recording duration. Imaging Resource has published a comparison of the new mode against the capability of the Nikon D810. The main conclusion seems to be that the Olympus mode lags the D810 in terms of dynamic range and spatial resolution (sharpness) although it has been pointed out that setting the Olympus lens at f/8 may have favoured the Nikon. Another less formal comparison against the Pentax 645Z shows similar differences.

The OM-D E-M5 Mark II’s native resolution is 16 megapixels.

If anyone was holding their breaths for 4k video – no, the E-M5 II won’t deliver it either, but note that the sensor in the E-M1 is 4k capable, and access to that mode may in future be given via the LightSnow firmware hack.