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Sony a99 II: No C-AF in manual video?

15 Feb

Here’s the relevant section of Kai Man Wong’s review of the a99 II, discussing its video capabilities, the f/3.5 caveat, and the missing option to have continuous autofocus when video exposure is set manually:


I take my hat off to Kai for delivering a more thorough review of this camera, and in a shorter space of time, than other frequented outlets.


Nikon readying V3? Feels like long wait.

29 Nov

The Nikon 1 V2 has been with us since late 2012, shortly followed by the S1, which, even though a lower-priced model without viewfinder, offered a sensor with markedly improved dynamic range and colour depth. As a result, the V2, shortly after its introduction, soon became a much less attractive proposition, added to which, there was initially an issue with limitations placed on the available autofocus modes when used with the FT1 L adapter for Nikon F-mount lenses (no AF-C available), which was later resolved with a firmware update.

Now, we hear that a V3 may be finally on the way, but it may have its accessory port removed and replaced with a “legacy” flash hotshoe that will give access to a larger range of existing flash models for DSLR cameras. This would allow Nikon to retreat from providing a separate flash accessory range for the 1 series, a range of cameras that despite its fast and accurate on-chip phase detect autofocus hasn’t been selling very well.

While I personally noticed the 1 series’ slightly unusual design, it doubt this would ever stop a truly revolutionary camera from also being declared a design classic. I, for one, would love to be blown away with a more complete mirrorless vision from Nikon. (Pun noted.)

The more megapixels, …

6 Oct

…the sharper your lens has to be.

…the more accurate your focus has to be.

…the faster your shutter has to be OR

…the better your image stabilisation has to be (IBIS, OIS or tripod).

…the bigger your hard disk has to be.

…the faster your computer has to be.