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Photographers of the week 2014/07/13

19 Jul
  • Flickr user richy_s aka Richard Simpson has a great eye for repeated elements, textures, colour and composition. He shoots a Pentax K-5 IIs to capture natural rock and sky at the coast.
  • David A. Simonik has a similar leaning in his subject choice, but also brings us images from areas of great natural beauty in the interior US. He also likes the Pentax K-5 IIs as well as the K10D.

Photographer of the week, 14/06/2014

14 Jun

My photographer of this week is cand1d who shoots a Pentax K-5.

Photographer of the week

29 May

My selected photographer of the week is Triple Beam Dream. After visiting that link, you can find more in his gallery.

Photographers of the week

2 Nov

(WordPress has been malfunctioning for a while, so let’s see if this will put things back on track…)


He caught my attention recently with a post of his then latest three Nikon D600 shots (yes, he’s had those problems, too).

Then there is swedishnerd, who has put forward some great challenge entries:

Finally, there is Hugues, or Perfectible, whose output must be browsed from his list of threads started:

My photographers of the week starting 24 June 2013

23 Jun

Each shooting a Pentax K10D.

My photographers of the week starting 17 June 2013

15 Jun

My photographers of the week 2012/02/25

22 Feb
  • l_objectif, shooting various Leica D-LUX models and having a nice play on words in his (I think?) username
  • LolloRiva, shooting a Nikon D300S