Adobe responds to subscription woes, offers Lightroom through Apple for macOS

Adobe, in apparent response to the many reports of people unable to subscribe from its Creative Cloud service and instead continuing to be billed, will now give Apple a 30% cut just to reach further customers.

Honestly, I’ve not been writing about Adobe much the last year or so because they haven’t done anything that I believed to be worthy of end users’ attention, or that I could genuinely and whole-heartedly recommend to anybody.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 15.34.24

This announcement, however, means that you get the rather more trusted Apple (I know of instances where people have gotten great customer service from them) as an intermediary to manage your subscription and, more importantly, unsubscription.

While I don’t think Lightroom is a particularly good RAW converter in terms of producing pleasant images compared to Capture One, Silkypix, Iridient and others, it does have a few features that occasionally come in handy and are not found elsewhere, like automatic panorama discovery.

Even on the App Store, it will still cost you $120 annually (Euro prices in screenshot above), but from what I’ve read the monthly subscription through Apple is almost a real monthly subscription, so that you could actively manage it so that in the months you don’t use it, you wouldn’t pay. No promises, but read the fine print and let everybody know how it pans out if you’re brave enough – or rich enough.

While Photoshop Elements has been available on the Apple app store for a while, there isn’t yet any hint of whether other Adobe products will appear there soon, where Adobe would be entering more direct competition with Affinity Photo and other similar products.

Update 2019/10/30: Cost in Europe through the Mac app store is currently 145 Euros for an annual subscription – a lot more than 120 USD! Also, there are reports that the offer does not include Lightroom Classic, so be warned!

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