Nikon Z vs. Canon EOS R cheat sheet

A cheat sheet that shows how I would approach having to choose between these two bodies. I hope it helps some people out there.

Comparison table showing differences between three newly released full frame cameras, uploaded as raster graphics.

A few addenda and footnotes:

  • Canon specifies 5655 autofocus “points”; however, this has been criticised (by Imaging-Resource, for instance) as being marketing propaganda, since they are not individually selectable, but rather, as groups or zones (the latter would be an accurate term that has been used in the industry before).
  • Canon engineers have been reported as saying that the longer flange distance is to make the RF mount more rugged. This would make sense looking at their initial lens selection, which has been commented as containing some very (in my opinion unnecessarily) chunky lenses. Additionally, it’s been said that they would compensate for the disadvantages by having shorter back focal distances. This may, however, expose the crucial rear elements of lenses to the possibility of damage when off the camera. (Always put them face down when the rear is not covered!) Before scoring this supposed ruggedness as a draw or possible advantage for the Canon mount, I’d like to see some proof, i.e. formal stress tests.


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