Did DigitalRev TV foreshadow the KP?

6 Feb

I may have more to say on what’s recently happened to DigitalRev TV on another occasion, but here’s a soundbite from Kai in May 2011, a good five and a half years prior to the announcement of the Pentax KP:

I think if they made something which looked kind of retro and cool, that would be really good. I think I’m jizzing my pants if they made this kind of a silver and black, made it look a bit like your OM-1, that would be great.

That’s a reference to Lok’s father’s OM-1, which Lok showed off in the preceding segment of the video. In a mock charity donation video for Pentax, Kai’s presumably scripted voice-over continues:

help Pentax be a pioneer again … help them think different and create a create a retro cool DSLR that will make the world a better photographic place

They added this photoshopped image:


And this is what Pentax came out with:


And here is an actual OM-1:


Released under CC-BY-2.0 license by Flickr user E Magnuson

Design similarities:

  • Pyramid prism housing, rather than various other shapes used by Pentax over the years
  • Protruding strap attachment points (rather than recessed as used on Pentax’ mid-range models); Ricoh left off the triangular piece for the photo, but it is usually included in the box
  • Control elements on the front and top plate in almost exactly the same places

Oh, and it comes in silver, with all the same parts in silver that would be so on a traditional SLR like the OM-1:


Well, what do you make of it? Coincidence? Inevitability? Inspiration?

And would this have been a better design to release in February 2012, less than a year after DRtv’s video, instead of the K-01?


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