Most interesting cameras – as judged by you! (first half of 2015)

This is based on the number of comments made on reviews of these cameras on Imaging Resource, and how long they’ve been available:

Camera interest, first half of 2015

Interestingly, both current Pentax DSLRs are in the top ten, with the K-3 II in second place and the K-S2 higher than any direct competitor. Canon, although grabbing the top spot and doing well with the G3 X, also rounds out the bottom with the T6s and T6i, while Nikon paddles in mid-field and Sony’s A7R II is generating much less interest than I expected. Meanwhile, the RX100 IV, E-M5 II, and NX500 are proving popular, but my feeling is that Pentax more than any other brand is really on an upwards curve here.

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