Pentax to announce K-S2 DSLR and retractable lens

7 Feb

The Pentax K-S2 is going to be a nice upgrade to the K-S1, featuring the same 20 megapixel sensor, a mode selection wheel that’s been moved back to the top plate, front and rear dials, an overall more standard Pentax control layout with Wi-Fi button, BUT a fully articulated flip-out LCD display and new kit lens, the retractable HD PENTAX-DA 18-50mm f/4-5.6 DC WR RE, which, importantly, has a quiet drive and is weather-sealed. Whether the body itself will be weather-sealed is unknown – the K-S1 officially isn’t.






Also rumoured are a new external flash unit and an updated rugged WG series camera with built-in GPS.


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    […] Watching Ricoh’s take-over of Pentax for the past few years, and especially this past year, has made one thing obvious: the company is extremely good at focusing business activity where it’s needed. As I’ve written before, Ricoh has gone on the record as the company who helped Pentax complete much-needed products like the long prime lens, the 1.4x autofocusing teleconverter, and an entry-level DSLR with a fully articulated display. […]

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