Pentax announces full frame – get all the details

4 Feb

It’s here!


Product prototype. Final product design will differ.

Prototype will be shown at CP+ in a few days’ time.

Official release to the buying public will be late 2015 (“autumn” even, according to one source). Scroll down for an update.

The unnamed camera is rumoured to have in-body image stabilisation (IBIS/sensor stabilisation) as the two telezoom lenses announced with it do not come with their own image stabilisation. It’s also almost guaranteed to be weather-sealed.

The camera will also have a crop mode and accommodate DA lenses – it’s still a K-mount camera, after all!

The rendering/photo sent out with the press release suggests a compact body with about the same dimensions as a Pentax K-3, but 20-25% taller, with a large optical viewfinder, larger than competing cameras, so likely a 100% coverage pentaprism with high magnification. The goal may have been to compete with high magnification electronic viewfinders as seen in the Fujfilm X-T1 and Olympus OM-D E-M1.

Size comparison with a Pentax K-5 II

Size comparison with a Pentax K-5 II

One pundit is still hoping that it will have a mirror with adjustable translucency and an EVF/OVF switch as this has been in two recent Ricoh patents. The latter would explain the large prism housing, but it’s equally likely that it’s just a large optical viewfinder.

Rumours say the new Pentax camera will NOT have a Sony 24MP sensor (so probably higher resolution), and it will be “very good in price”.

It’s rumoured that three to four lenses for full frame will be released in 2015 (so perhaps one or two other than the aforementioned), then another “six or eight” in 2016. At least one of them in 2015 should be the kit lens, presumably a 24-70mm zoom or thereabouts.

Update 2015-Feb-06: Launch price is rumoured to be €2000. According to the same source, further details of specs will not arrive until April/May, and general availability is planned for October.

Update 2015-Feb-10: Using components of known size for comparison, I calculated that the size of the new camera would be 131mm x 112mm, which is exactly the width of the K-3. I believe Ricoh set it as a challenge for engineering that the new camera should be the same width as the K-3. Given the price point and crop mode, Ricoh is clearly laying a temptation for customers to pick the FF model regardless of what lenses they own at the time or intend to purchase in the foreseeable future. Ricoh may have just turned the upgrade path on its head.


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