Will Canon eliminate viewfinder black-out?

13 Aug

Viewfinder blackout is one of the most upsetting limitations of current camera technology. So far, it affects all cameras that produce a viewfinder image through the same lens that is subsequently used for image capture.

Canon now has a patent on switching from the traditional phase-detect autofocus (PDAF) sensor to its dual pixel on-sensor PDAF. Like many patents, this is in itself so obvious that it doesn’t, in my opinion, justify a patent. However, Imaging Resource has mused whether this means that there is a sister patent that will explain how a viewfinder image will continue to be generated during such capture. Obviously, this would point at some kind of hybrid viewfinder, but Canon might, in the process, succeed in eliminating black-out. Ironically, one way to implement such a viewfinder would be through another additional pellicle or reflex mirror.

It certainly is bloody time that somebody eliminated black-out. Aptina’s sensors can be read out at 60 Hertz to record a full resolution image. In spite of Nikon’s 1 series supporting such a framerate, something is clearly wrong with the electronics design since even those cameras still have black-out.

One has to wonder whether Canon will eventually bowl itself out of the game with its apparently steam-punk approach to this problem. At the same time, one wishes that Nikon electronics and software engineers would get their hands out of their ***** and produce a better processing pipeline. I have no doubt the Germans could do it if they put their minds to it. Hey Leica, are you listening?

Source: Egami (Google Translate Link Warning: LINK)


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