Panoramic video is a thing now

4 Aug
The V.360 panoramic video camera

The V.360 panoramic video camera

I recently mentioned the Giroptic 360 degree camera which also does video. There are two new cameras to now add to that list. Most similar to the Giroptic is the VSN Mobil V.360 which is shock-proof, water-proof to 1m, dust-proof and vibration-proof and can be mounted on anything GoPro compatible. Its 16 megapixel sensor outputs 6.5k by 1080 video. It seems these dimensions were chosen to ensure smooth streaming or download to an Android or iOS device. It’s speculated to go for 500 USD when it becomes available (officially October).

The CENTR panoramic video camera

The CENTR panoramic video camera

The CENTR might have been a rather different beast if it had reached its Kickstarter funding goal. It’s donut-shaped, and the idea is to stick your thumb up through the hole and press on the ring to activate. Again compatible with tripod and GoPro mounts, and with a waterproof casing planned as an add-on, it captures 20 megapixel photos or 7.5k by 1080 video. Based on the samples provided, I wouldn’t get too excited about the image quality in this one, though. The team is supposedly composed of ex-Apple guys, and the fact that they seem to be using their own definition of what 4k video is seems to fit that idea. I would have guessed Kickstarter patrons would be partial towards Apple, but maybe name-checking wasn’t enough this time. The team wrote on May 29th that they would soldier on, but they haven’t surfaced since. Overconfidence might have been a factor.


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