Another 360° camera heading to market. This one you can throw.

19 Nov
Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

The Panono Panoramic Ball Camera.
Image source: Panono promotional

Following in the footsteps of the Ricoh Theta, the Panono packs 72 megapixels worth of sensor in 36 separate mobile phone type camera modules (lens plus sensor). If you throw it to take a picture from a higher vantage point, it will do so automatically at the apex of the flight.

Images are automatically stitched together on Panono GmbH’s servers, and displayed and interacted with through apps – there is a web app as well as dedicated apps for iOS and Android. The camera therefore does not function as a stand-alone but instead requires a second device to establish internet connectivity (e.g. iPhone, Android phone).

US company “Serveball” was granted a patent for a “ball with camera and trajectory control for reconnaissance or recreation” in August 2012. I haven’t had time to review whether a license agreement is necessary, or exists, but this may or may not explain why the Panono does its processing off-site.

If you want a Panono, you should support the IndieGoGo fundraiser (aka pre-order) – they are 549 USD a piece (the Ricoh Theta is $399). There is also a separate website.


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