Devil’s advocate on Pentax: Two hypotheses

13 Nov
  1. The release of the K-3 will primarily drive sales of the K-5 II, K-5 IIs and K-50/500, rather than the K-3 itself. The adjustable AA filter without bracketing is more of a tech demo, and debate continues on whether the 24 megapixel filter is competitive with the 16MP one. Furthermore, iterative reshuffling of buttons and control levers continues to be a source of complaint. Night and indoor shooters will still want the K-3 for its ability to control white balance for several light sources separately, of which few real tests have been seen so far.
  2. Ricoh is content with occasional full frame rumour. They will continue releasing test cameras to select photographers, but never release the final product. This is enough to keep people buying APS-C cameras, which is the format Ricoh really believes in, and allows keeping the lens offerings tight and light, rather than branching into light and heavy like CaNikon.

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