Nikon Df is a Leica killer – Nikon’s gamble

I’m seeing a lot of “the Nikon Df will never work because I don’t understand it” posts that question the pre-advertised initial price tag (just shy of 3000 USD). Why would someone spend that much on a camera that is very solidly built, lacks video and has no exchangeable back? Very simply, a person buying this kind of camera would not be looking to upgrade again for another five to ten years. And let’s face it, image sensors have kind of hit the wall lately in the same way micro-processors did when they hit around 3GHz and manufacturers started just adding cores and hoping concurrency at the software level would take care of things.

So Nikon is gambling on a long production run for this camera, essentially hoping that future sensors won’t be that much better, and so sales will continue in spite of small improvements in other, more regularly updated and cheaper offerings.

If it works for Leica’s M series, why not Nikon?

And no, it doesn’t target young people or active professional photographers (at least not directly). Instead, it’s a perfect retirement gift for an ageing demographic.


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