Nikon and Olympus need to shorten duration of repairs

22 Sep

I’ll excerpt here a very interesting graph from lensrentals’ (LR) recent review of the lens repairs they needed from mid-2012 to mid-2013:

Lens repair times

Days taken for lens repair by manufacturer.

In the light of many saying that the Olympus OM-D E-M1 is targeted at professional photographers currently using Nikon or Canon gear, it is noteworthy that said professionals, if they choose to go the Olympus route, are currently looking at long stretches of lost earnings if any of their Olympus lenses ever fail. In the Micro Four Thirds world, Panasonic lenses may be a better bet given this consideration – they’re usually back same time the following week. That said, Sigma, Tamron and Fuji are even faster, with Canon the best service provider. LR also presented data showing that Panasonic was the most affordable repair provider, followed by Sigma and Tamron.

The corollary for Nikon camera owners would be to go with Sigma and Tamron as much as possible, since these give fast and affordable repairs, where Nikon typically takes 24 days and has recently developed a history of poor customer relations. Sony, meanwhile, has the piglet-in-the-middle position in this listing – anything worse than Sony (Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus) should be avoided, while Sony itself might be bearable. That said, its products, such as the TX30 “waterproof” compact, don’t always have the best reputation in terms of needed repairs. The best brand is still the one that doesn’t break. In that category at least, Micro Four Thirds doesn’t seem to be doing too badly, with none of their lenses among the 19 most frequently broken ones. No data were presented for Pentax or Leica because these items are too rare in the inventory to produce any meaningful data.


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  1. Should renting lenses be the norm? | breakfastographer - November 17, 2013

    […] The more I read Roger Cicala’s blog about all the testing they do and how they battle with the repair folks to get lenses fine-tuned for better performance, the more I’m convinced (of course, that’s the idea of having that blog!) that this is a much better way to do photography. It takes away the agonising at home whether the lens you got is a poor copy – outside of spec, even, possibly! Presuming that the lens rental outfit of your choice does a similar amount of testing, you would know that they don’t send out bad lenses, and you won’t ever have to deal with repairs. All that agonising wait, especially from Nikon and Olympus! […]

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