DigiPod: A lot of open questions

20 Aug

There is a new “digital film” project being promoted, named DigiPod, with a crowdsourcing effort hosted by Indiegogo. Several criticisms are being levied at this effort, both in terms of presentation and content. In terms of the overall concept, people are saying that anything less than an APS-C sensor (planned is an 8.8 by 6.6mm sensor) won’t be worth considering, as it will cover too small a section of the viewfinder with actual image-taking; it will also amplify imperfections of the lens much more than a full frame sensor would, when both images are scaled, say, to full screen size. The problem with that is that the price for an FF sensor implementation might be closer to 1000 USD, meaning he’d have to raise closer to a million Pounds to make this fly.

Secondly, why use a CMOS sensor when the intention is to take still images – is there a plan to allow tethered shooting? Otherwise, many might consider CCD the superior technology. Maybe it’s another price-point problem…

Thirdly, I’m not the first to state that the question of how the shutter works has not been answered. The creator claims that this is proprietary knowledge, apparently not yet covered by patents, and that you have to sign an NDA to glean into it. Sounds like a bit of an excessive smoke-screen to me.

Further points concern the fact that the creator claims to have “developed and sold a number of businesses”, but gives no further detail, and that he apparently does not understand twitter particularly well, or perhaps the internet – his twitter channel just spams the same message every few minutes. He also seems to have hosted images on tinypic as part of the campaign that are no longer available…


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