Mount Conversion Service leaves questions over optical stabilisation

6 Aug

Looking at the pricing of the 17-70mm f/2.8-4 “Contemporary” lens from Sigma, which offers optical image stabilisation only in its Canon, Nikon and Sigma incarnations, I have a whole lot of questions.

  1. Why is the price the same when the OS (optical image stabilisation) feature is missing in the Pentax and Sony versions? I understand that Sigma used to make lenses for Pentax that included the feature. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to make it work, and I think most users understand that you can use either the in-body or the lens stabilisation, not both, and that the lens version draws power. Is this revenge on the reviewers who criticised that the OS mechanism ruins the “silent” nature of some HSM lenses?
  2. What happens when I buy a lens for Nikon mount, then use the recently announced Mount Conversion Service at a fee of $80-250 to convert to Pentax? Will I get OS, at the cost of my warranty being cut from 4 years to 6 months? Or will I just lose it? Can I get it back through the reverse conversion? Is it therefore implicitly built into the Pentax version, in case it ever gets converted to Canon?
  3. If so, could a sufficiently knowledgeable lens restorer uncripple the disabled OS in Pentax and Sony versions for a small fee? Or will this be prevented from being done easily by an absence of the OS switch?

Very good questions? I think so.


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