The fallacy of “going with system X because there is a full frame upgrade path”

1 Aug
  1. If you follow this “logic”, don’t buy any EF-S (Canon), DX (Nikon) or DA (Pentax) lenses because they’re of limited utility on a full frame body (choice of extreme vignetting or crop mode, which defeats the point of having full frame).
  2. If you use this principle to justify choosing Canon or Nikon, you may pay even more because the optical stabilisation built into presumably most of your lenses costs you extra and also depreciates extra fast (VR, VR II, VR III, (or IS) and on it goes).

Conclusion: Buy the camera system that you like most, and don’t worry about the upgrade. You’ll give yourself the chance to make a significant saving, and re-equip with increased wisdom when your bank and enthusiasm are ready for full frame.


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