Pentax making headway

15 Jun

With the announcement of the K-50(0), it is becoming clear that Pentax has, over the past year, rather successfully capitalised on its existing investment and market position, and also launched itself into new niches:

  1. Pentax has continued its market leadership in the rugged camera segment, with the WG-3, WG-3 GPS and new budget entrant WG-10. Note that this is a segment that will survive the 2012-14 cell phone purge.
  2. Similarly, Pentax has continued its flagship K-5 with worthwhile incremental improvements that, given the huge impact of the original model, will keep the boat afloat for now.
  3. Pentax has released firmware upgrades at regular intervals, each time causing a news item on sites such as Imaging Resource or Digital Photography Review. Other manufacturers have been less clued in to this marketing tool.
  4. Pentax is now releasing cameras at regular intervals, again causing news items with the Q10, Q7, K-50(0) and, let’s face it, Ricoh GR and Pentax MX-1.
  5. With the GR and MX-1, Pentax Ricoh have made it clear they can and want to own the higher end compact market, which is the right decision as the rest of the compact market will die.

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