Update on Pentax’ lens stockpile

Pentax has commenced selling the K-30 in combination with the weather-resistant (WR) DA standard kit lens rather than the non-resistant DA-L variety. In the North American market, I understand that this is only in combination with one of the newly available colour variations of the K-30. However, other localities may differ.

This suggests that Pentax has only negligible stockpiles of the non-WR lens variant left, and that it has managed to clear its inventory of that obsolete lens model and will likely be selling completely weather-sealed kits from this point on.

Previously, Pentax had offered the K-30 in a kit with the DA-L 18-55mm lens, which is not weather sealed and, if the camera is used in the rain, could allow water to enter the housing, thus nullifying any weather seals on the camera body.

Editorial note: This post was written at the beginning of April, shortly following Pentax’ announcement, but I did not get around to publishing it then as I also have a day job that sometimes takes attention away from blogging. 🙂

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