Pentax DSLR shutter sounds

26 Feb

Update 5 February 2017: There’s now a second part of this, featuring some newer Pentax cameras.

1) Pentax shutter sound: Z-1P, K10D, K-x and K-5



2) Pentax shutter sounds: K-x, K-30 and K-5



3) Pentax K-5 IIs shutter sound



4) Pentax K-5, K-7, K10D and *istD shutter sounds:



5) Pentax K10D shutter sound:



6) Pentax K200D shutter sound:



7) Pentax 645D shutter sound:



Now for two that aren’t SLRs.

8) Pentax K-01 shutter sound:



9) Pentax Q shutter sound (lots of background noise!)



Youtube has many more, for instance similar samples from various additional Pentax film cameras, and of course from other manufacturers. Enjoy!


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