Window of opportunity for Canon 7D, Nikon D7000 is closing

11 Feb

While DxOMark tests still give the sensor of the 7D a slight edge over the cheaper and more basic 650D, a recent test in ColorFoto (3/2013) shows the RAW files of the 650D to resolve more fine detail.

Similarly, the Nikon D5100 outperformed the D7000, albeit by a much smaller margin. It’s to be expected, though, that the currently arriving D5200 will obsolete the D7000 more conclusively. This is already reflected even in DxOMark scores, which is remarkable not only because DxOMark does not take into account the much higher resolution of the new Toshiba-made sensor in the D5200, but also because DxOMark reviews are usually delayed by many months after the introduction of new camera models (not to mention that some models are seemingly never tested at all).

What’s clear is that those who care about image quality should focus on buying recently released camera bodies rather than be fixated on premium models. For camera manufacturers, the implication seems to be that camera design should be made more modular and synchronised, so that bottom and top APS-C lines can be updated simultaneously, which could stop newly released cheaper cameras from cannibalising sales of fully featured bodies. Pentax for several years has avoided any significant design alterations of its flagship APS-C body, which hints at just such a modular strategy.


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